Monday, February 04, 2008

Who am I?

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I am a Spanish Optometrist since 1995. I specialized in Vision Therapy 2 years later. I attended other courses specializing more in Primitive Reflexes and visual neurology. I was working as Vision Therapist in Madrid until I went to California in 2007.
There I received more education in USA during 2007, with experts like Dr. Robert Sanet, trying to learn how optometrists work there.

(March 8th 2008: I received more continuing education about Vision Therapy and Neurology in USA, in different American Universities until 2008. In 2009 I stared a Behavioral Optometry and Vision Development Therapy office in Madrid, Spain).

I love what I do. I know we, the optometrists and vision therapists, have a hard struggle that people understand what we do and that Vision Therapy works. Many times I have been surprised by great improvements obtained in a patient. I understand why these improvements occur, but I am always surprised by everything related with the brain and its huge potential. So, I will explain the connection between the Brain and Nervous System with the Vision and Vision Therapy.

This blog is meant for people (patients, parents,...) to better understand how Optometry works and free it from the “Glasses or Sunglasses store” idea. Because Optometry is much more than that...

The reason why I write in Spanish and English language is only to reach more people.

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