Monday, February 04, 2008

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As the blog name indicates, the main subject is the Vision and everything related with it.
In this blog I am going to try to explain some concepts about vision, optometry, vision therapy and neurology related to all of this.

But this blog is not for experts on these subjects. It is for you… or for you… or for you too. It is for those people that have always wanted to know a little bit about their own eyes and how they work. Or simply those people have had a visual problem, have gone to visit a “professional of the eyes”, he has offered them as an only solution glasses or contact lenses, but really he has not solved their problem. Their inconvenience or difficulty to work, to study or basically to perform well, keep on existing.

I am going to explain how vision is not just a couple of eyes and how an efficient visual system does not depend neither on just having healthy eyes nor seeing 50 or 70 or 100 percent of vision. How a child who does not achieve good grades in the school, is not simply a lazy child who does not like reading or studying, nor he is a troubled child who does not like paying attention and also he disturbs the rest of children in his classroom. Behind all that, there can be a visual reason that upsets his perception and simply that child does not receive, process and answer the visual information from the environment the same way another child who apparently does not have any problem. I will explain that these cases can be treated and they can make the child perform much better in the school and even, enjoy reading and take a book because he wants to and not because it is mandatory.

I will start laying the bases: What is the Vision? Who tests it? Difference between optometrists and ophthalmologists. The Eye. The Visual Process. The Visual Therapy… As an entry door to other different visual problems, treatments and even some of my patients’ authorized personal opinions. I think this way everything will be much easier to understand.

I am going to explain everything in whatever easiest way possible. Therefore, do not wait for a “master class” or for a “very professional lecture” because that is not my intention, my real intention is to get your participation. If some of my entries leave you questioning, I will try to explain it again with simpler words, but I need your collaboration for this blog have the usefulness that I wish: to solve many “questions about the visual world”.

This blog will not come in useful for solving personal cases. At most, I will just give you an orientation in your questions. In order to find a better solution and a treatment of a visual problem, it must ALWAYS be examined from different points of view and, absolutely, the patient’s vision must be tested. Thereby, if in some moment, you recognize some symptoms in yourself or in your children, etc., my recommendation is that you should go visit an optometric and vision therapy office for it to give you the services in need.

I am also not going to write about ocular diseases or medicines, since I am not a medical doctor nor a physician, thus it is not my area.


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